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Competition, cooperation and commissioning
Competition, cooperation and commissioning

This project looks at commissioning in the context of competition and cooperation. It will investigate how commissioners manage the interplay of competition and cooperation in their local health economies. It will look at acute services as well as community and primary healthcare.

First, the project will study what commissioners and providers know about the policy and regulatory environment. How, for example, do they understand the incentives for competition and cooperation? This will include strategic health authorities, in their roles as market shapers, while they continue to exist.

Secondly, we will be asking how commissioning organisations and their providers operate together to undertake the planning and delivery of care for patients.

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We will be aiming to provide clear understanding of how competition and cooperation work in this field and how they might be optimised.

Commissioning through competition and cooperation

This is a final report investigating how commissioners in local health systems managed the interplay of competition and cooperation in their local health economies, looking at acute and community health services (CH).

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This interim report summarising the finding of the first phase of our research on competition and exploring how commissioners and organisations they commission from understand the policy and regulatory environment in which they operate.

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